About our products

No, our products are not Halal certified. However, we are working with our partner in Argentina to offer Halal products in the near future.

We ship the meat chilled (not frozen) by airfreight. Usually, chilled meat last up to 3-4 months in cold conditions (lower than 5 degrees) from the day is produced. You could find a label with the expiration day on our products.

Yes, you can freeze it. We imported in chilled conditions, so our products have never been frozen.

If we are unable to deliver our products, we will reschedule the delivery. A $15.00 fee will be charged on your credit card or payment system.

We will ensure you get fresh and high quality products. If you have any problem with our products, please take pictures of the problem and send them to us. We don’t refund our products, however we will do our best to have you happy with your purchase.

No, we don’t have any retail shop in Singapore. We are only an online business company.

About ordering and delivery

You can contact us by email and we will help you to place your order.

Delivery fee is $10 per order. However, delivery fee will be waived in orders higher than $100.

Yes, you will be able to select the delivery day. Also, you will be able to select specific time slots. Delivery company will call you if they can’t deliver your order the day or time slot you selected. If you want us to leave the products in a specific place, please write it down in your order. Be aware that our products will be delivered in cold conditions, so ensure don’t expose them to hot weather.