Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world located in the southern part of South America. Argentine culture is well-known by Tango (a musical genre and sophisticated dance), Football (with some of the best players in the World ), Polo (a horseback mounted team sport) and by it’s unique high quality beef meat.

Meat plays an essential role in Argentina’s culture. No wonder Argentineans are the biggest consumers of meat in the world (65Kg per inhabitant per year!). The most famous way of cooking the meat is on a bbq grill, and Argentineans call it “asado”. The Sundays “asado” with the family, or the “asado” with friends (any day of the week) are most significant social events.


We are four friends born and raised in diverse regions of Argentina living in Singapore. We connected through our passion for food and travel. We have lived in more than 7 countries including Australia, US, UAE, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Chile and Japan. Despite years outside Argentina and experiencing the world best cuisines, we can’t help but miss the unique quality and taste of Argentina’s meat. We’ve been working collaboratively with the best meat producers in “The Pampas” to share this enchanting flavor for food with the community in Singapore.

Many ask what’s the difference? What makes our meat so unique?
You can find facts of our products in the website however you will need to taste it to know.